RallyKiller in the Carolinas

Back in college there was a night when a group of us went out to the bars and--on the way home--the boys in the group were trying to convince my friend Trisha and I to hit another bar. Trisha demurred, saying she had an exam the next day. "Don't be a rally killer!" was the chant and the name stuck. For the next three years, fun girl though she is, Trisha was known in our group as RK, or Rallykiller.

RK came to North Carolina this weekend, bringing her son Max with her. To our delight, after 20 years of friendship, we finally managed on this trip to get some decent photos of the two of us together. For twenty years, one or the other of us have looked so heinous in joint photos that the other has been forbidden to use it. But now that we're old and wrinkled, the camera is our friend. Go figure.

Some pictures from this weekend. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Miss you already, RK!!!


     Opening NIght at GSO Grasshoppers GameStill trying to teach me to cook...

 Caught in the rain at Hanging Park!

We're tired of hiking! Bring the limo around