The World's Happiest Dog

I love this dog. Not just like. Not just admire. LOVE this dog. Happy dog Sara was rescued by my friend Linda from the Rockingham County Animal Shelter. It was a match meant to be. The shelter, as I've mentioned in previous posts, is so overcrowded most animals have only 72 hours to be adopted before they're put down. Sara was such a sweet dog that the shelter manager kept putting off putting her down, hoping someone would come for her. On day 10, my friend Linda, a hard-working volunteer with the Animal Protection Society, showed up. Thank you, God.

I went to visit about 2 weeks after Sara came to live with Linda and her family. That dog feels like she's been a part of the family for forever and a day. She's also a lover. No jumping, but leans her body in on yours, asking to be petted. Big eyes smile at you. Just a wonderful, well-behaved dog. I'm so thrilled for Linda and Sara and thought I'd share their story in case you needed something to brighten your day.