Blair Wins the Knife Bet

It was only a matter of time. I bought my beautiful Wusthof Grand Prix II knife (the chopping knife in photo) 3 weeks ago. LOVE this knife. Glides through tomatoes and vegetables like buttah. I love this knife so much I obey the instructions to hand wash it versus throwing it in a dishwasher.

Which is what I was doing when I inadvertently sliced my right index finger open this morning. Ouchie. I staunched the flow of blood but only by applying the band-aid so tight the tip of finger turned purple. I called my mom (isn't that who we all call when we're hurt?) who suggested I at least let a doctor look at it. 

4 stitches later... I'm back home and moping about the "I told you so" I'm sure is coming from my husband. Dena isn't allowed near sharp items for this very reason. We laughed about buying extra insurance on me when we took the knife home. Ha ha ha. Yeah. Life happens.

My finger is quite numb at the moment, making typing difficult so I'll keep this short. I of course have a TON of work to do today. Will try not to let blood seep onto client papers. Bad for business.

And btw, I am WAY too attached to this blog. As the doctor was sewing the stitches I was mentally kicking myself for not bringing my camera to get some "action shots" to post. 

Happy Earth Day!