All In A Day's Work

Time for another exciting episode of "What Dena Did With Her Day."

4:30 AM - Woke up enough to tell Blair as he got up that his Blackberry was putting on a laser-light show around midnight last night and I stuffed it in the drawer. My alarm was set for 5 so decided to just go ahead and get up.

5:40 - 6:45 AM - treadmill run and dreaded sit-ups

8:30 - 10 - In GSO for allergy shot and caffeine fix while working on client brochure.

10 - 11:30 - One-on-one networking meeting with the delightful-woman-who-knows-absolutely-everyone. Discussed ways to partner and market our businsses.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm- Swing by running store for new socks and by Target in search of short-sleeve 100% cotton or linen blouses for upcoming Egypt trip.

12:30 - 2 - Lunch with client to discuss ghostwriting her blog and newsletter.

2 - 3:15 - Drove to UNCG to meet Facebook friend at Shakespeare Festival. Festival consisted of sitting on folding chairs under shady trees with cool breeze and twittering birds, listening to others read the works of Shakespeare. Was a massage for the spirit. Allowed myself to relax and enjoy it. Delightful. 

3:30 - Convinced myself wouldn't have the energy to drive home without TCBY stop. Caved in. 

3:45 - Received call from woman I'd met that morning in Panera. SHE was having a meeting with a woman who knew the woman I was meeting with and we had a quick 5 minute get-to-know everyone chat. The woman who called needs marketing and website copy within the next 2 weeks, which is perfect for my schedule. Plus, she was very fun for the few minutes I had to talk with her, which is always a bonus in a client. 

4 pm - Stopped in at boutique owned by woman in several networking groups I've visited recently. Found stunning linen jacket, perfect for trip. Over my budget but, as with TCBY, managed to convince myself I was worth it. 

5:30 - Home sweet home. Feed cats who collapse in the hall on the way to their food dish to prove their point that they don't appreciate me being 30 minutes late with dinner. Check e-mail, go through snail mail, swat kitchen countertops with rag, sit down to blog.

Up Next: Dinner prep, e-mails to send out, and there's no way I'm letting this beautiful day end without a hand-in-hand walk with my sweetie. We only got through half of "The Matrix" last night before we headed for bed, so finish that up tonight, and off to bed early to be ready for tomorrow's run.

It's not the most exciting life, but it's mine, and I love it. Hope you all had a glorious Friday and for local readers, get out and enjoy the temps this weekend!