Egypt, Here We Come

Part of the deal in signing up for this trip to Egypt is that we would be offered a semester's worth of classroom learning about the people, culture, sites, and artifacts we would be seeing. Perfect. I love history and I love learning. I probably would have loved the class too, if I'd ever been able to attend. I had scheduling conflict after scheduling conflict and ended up making it only to the class at Sharon Luggage on how to pack and the last two classes that were more details (flight schedules, hotel arrangements, etc.) than learning.

As a result, I am feeling woefully unprepared for this trip. I know nothing of Ramses II, Nefertiti, King Tut, and the ancient history of the civilization we're visiting. I'll make the most of our 11-hour flight from New York and try to do some last minute cramming of knowledge but I doubt it will stick. I had hoped to set foot on Egyptian soil well-versed in culture and basic language skill. Now I'll be like every other ugly American and just talk louder in the hopes that LOUD = ENGLISH TO EGYPTIAN TRANSLATION.

I'm still excited though. The pyramids! I am going to get to see the actual real-life pyramids. And... other stuff that we'll see. (I told you I'm not prepared.) We will have a 3-day cruise on the Nile which seems surreal to even think about. I really am kicking myself for not doing more early reading. Still, that' why God made guide books - just for us procrastinators. 

All the preparations are in place. House sitter - check. (House sitter who loves cats - even better.) Lawn service - check. Neighborhood watch on house - check. VCR set to tape shows that musn't be missed - check. Extra hugs given to cats - check. Medication packed because I go crazy every time I have to leave the cats - check.

Actually, that's where the house sitter is a Godsend. Aside from bringing in mail, making sure plants don't die, and just living here and watching over everything, the cats have company while we're gone. Not just someone popping in to feed them. Makes me feel MUCH better about leaving them. 

Once we leave, the blog may be down for a bit as not sure if/when I'll have computer access. Not sure I WANT computer access. I'm looking forward to unplugging for a bit. I'm sure I'll have much to say when I return.