Curse of the Mummy

Maybe there is something to all those legends about bad luck following those who enter the ancient resting places of the pharaohs. Sitting down to my computer this morning, I discovered that my Twitter account has been suspended for suspicious activity and that my home page,, is giving a warning message to anyone who lands there that the page is infected with malware (malicious software). 

Given the 3,000 things awaiting my attention, this is not what I need to be dealing with today. Frankly, the trouble is I don't know HOW to deal with them. I sent Twitter a message but I don't know who to contact about the home page issue. I just want it to go away.

Did I mention how much I enjoyed my 10 days away from computers? For 10 days I had no e-mail, no blog, no Twitter, no website, no surfing, no anything... and I loved every minute of it. I hate that I've come back and been dumped into the middle of all this media-crap again. So much for simplifying. 

Every so often I have the urge to just unplug and dump everything I've spent years building up. As a wanna-be author, it's not an option. I need to have a "platform" and not only stay connected, but increase my outreach. It would be easier if I enjoyed this computer stuff. At the moment, my chest is tight and breathing shallow as I try to wade my way through a fix. 

Curses right back on those tombs and those mummies.