As most of you are aware, my website was infiltrated by malware (malicious software) a couple of weeks ago. This means that anyone who has tried to visit any of my sites in the last few weeks receives a scary message that says going to my site may infect their computer.

My blog has not been affected as it's hosted by a stellar service called Squarespace. In the last few days, I've moved all my sites -,, and - to Squarespace. The old infected files were deleted and the sites have been rebuilt from scratch. The outward appearance of very site is the same but everything is new and clean.NO VIRUS - PROMISE.

HOWEVER, Google won't stop running the scary "infected site" message until they come back and recrawl my site and verify it's clean. Unfortunately, this is done at their discretion. I've submitted my site to them as being clean and have been told it could be up to a couple of weeks before they return to my site to verify it's clean and remove the message.

As a temporary work around, you can get to my new sites through these addresses:

Once Google revisits my domain name, I'll be able to drop the "squarespace" part of the URL and the normal "" or "" will again work.

Thanks for your patience with this. And a HUGE shout outMELODY WATSON, Squarespace designer extraoridinaire,who has devoted herself full time to my cause to get my sites rebuilt asap. Smooches, my dear friend. You're the best.