Where's That Blogger?

For the more astute readers of the is blog (and that's all of you - thumbs up!), you may have noticed that blog entries of late have been a little... sparse

Among various reasons for the slowdown is this: I've taken up journaling again in yet ANOTHER attempt to answer the "who-am-I-why-am-I-here-and-what-do-I-want-to-accomplish-in-life" questions of the Universe. I'm left lying on the floor limp and wrung out after these writing sessions and feeling as if there are finite number of words available and, since I've used my quota, there is none left for the blog.

Part of what's come of the journaling sessions is that I'd like to try my hand at novel writing again. Glutton for punishment, that's me. Novel writing is a skill that does not come easily to me which is probably why I feel the need to pursue it. Can't back away from a challenge. But I've also been thinking about the trajectory I'd like my career to take and writing web site copy and press releases for the rest of my life isn't it. I'm thinking I'd like to move back into more magazine work and spend many more hours locked in solitary confinement with my laptop, eking out novels. 

I've had several people ask when I'll be running my magazine writing workshop again and planning is in the works to launch that this summer. My agent has also sent the proposal for my next humor book out to the publishing houses and I'm hoping sacrificing chickens daily praying something comes of that. 

I'm such a "what next" person that I'm making a conscious effort to pay attention to where I am and what's good about right now. For example, I'm typing this in a local coffeehouse and they just took fresh blueberry muffins out of the oven and the heavenly smell is everywhere. Not only is the smell good, but the fact that I am resisting eating a muffin is wonderful as well. There's a table with two young girls next to me and the cook, a kid who looks all of 18, made a smiley-face plate out of their bacon and waffle order, eliciting giggles. I've got a grant-writing project facing me but I very much like this client and am excited about the work. Coffee... music... and a day filled with words.

I am a very, very blessed person.