Mid-Year Evaluation

Yesterday a good friend of mine shared the exciting news that he's left his job in order to devote the next several months to completing work on his first novel. This is something he's been dreaming of for quite some time and circumstances finally came together to allow him to pursue the dream. I'm thrilled beyond measure for him. Not many people have the good fortune--and the guts--to make a move like that. He's not going into this blind and I know he'll take advantage of every minute available to him.

It's funny, but seeing someone else taking time off to work on a book reminded me that--hey--isn't that what my life is supposed to be about? My friend, who is only a couple of weeks into his new life of freedom from the corporate world, looked so amazingly happy and relaxed yesterday that it was a wake-up call for me. I was sitting across from him and realized I felt a bit envious of all his free time and how his days were just open to him now and how he could set his schedule how he wanted and... um, hel-looo? Sound familiar? Would that not be exactly the life I lead?

I'm amazed (not to mention embarrassed) at how often I have to remind myself that my time is my own. A lot of days it doesn't feel that way. I get caught up in deadlines (usually arbitrary, self-imposed ones), errands, chores, "should-be-doing" guilt, etc. Seeing my friend's happiness and excitement with his new schedule and priorities gave me a bounce. It's mid-June... probably a good time to do some re-evaluating on where I want my focus to be and in what areas I want to place my energies.

Meanwhile, I'm taking a page from my friend's book and being grateful for every moment of my time. It's a beautiful day, birds are chirping, I've got my laptop, some projects, and a whole day of sun and hours to complete them. I, my friends, am the very definition of a happy camper. Hope you are as well.