Food Journal Update

You may recall a recent entry in which I started keeping a food journal. In lieu of fresh, inciteful, or socially worthy content, I thought today I'd instead offer a quick update on how that little self-improvement plan is going. 

Overall, pretty well. It's definitely helped with random grazing. I'm much less likely to walk into the kitchen and grab a handful of grapes or nuts or sneak forkfuls of leftovers out of the tupperware container while standing over the kitchen sink. 

It's also been revealing. Being a vegetarian, I constantly have to assure people that one can get all the protein one needs from a plant-based diet. Dark, leafy green vegetables are choke full of it. So I would be getting plenty of protein... if I were eating dark, leafy vegetables. 

Before tracking my food, I thought I ate a fair amount of salad. Apparently not. I'm lucky to get in a salad every two days. Whole grains... I'm good. I think a good 80% of my diet consists of whole grains. Need to work on more fruit and LOTS more vegetables. I ought to be eating a salad with lunch and dinner. I've got great salad recipes but it's laziness on my part. Having to go in and spend 15 minutes chopping veggies and toasting pine nuts etc. etc. to eat... lettuce... just doesn't appeal to me. Even though once I make one of these fabulous salads, I always enjoy it. 

I may also break down at some point and start measuring my food. I didn't to begin with because I feared having to measure every ounce would bore me to tears and deter me from keeping the journal. I also probably need to start tracking calories. I have no idea the caloric amount I eat in a day. 

But first, I want to get to a scale and see if I've lost any weight. We threw our scale out years ago. (It was an ugly time. Don't ask.) I might be ready to invest in another. Maybe. 

One step at a time.