I Thought I Was Being Smart...

I meet with my trainer every Monday and Wednesday at 2 PM. Usually this is a good time for me. I've put in a morning's worth of work and am ready to let loose. Today, however, I was not feeling it. Nope, nope, nope. Just not the least little bit in the mood to work out. 

So I thought I was being smart when I asked Ben to spare my legs in today's workout. "I've got a hard track workout tomorrow," I said, injecting as much "woe is me" into my voice as I could. "So I need my legs fresh." 

Mentally, I was congratulating myself. No legs means no cardio = lighter workout.

"Cool. We'll stick with arms and abs," said Ben. The slow grin that spread across his face should have warned me of what was to come. 

It was an evil hour. I looked at the clock early on and moaned, "I can't believe it's only 2:20."

"You're going to hurt my feelings and make me think you don't want to be here," said Ben. "Now give me 50 dips on the bench."

This is the up side of working with a trainer. I would never in a million years have worked out today if I were left to my own free will. Nap? Yes. Ugly exercises with a dumbbell? Not so much. But I feel all the better for having worked through it. Strong arms, strong abs and... oh shoot.

No excuse tomorrow for shaky legs.