Have My Blog Posts E-mailed To You

Staying up nights tossing and turning, worried you may forget to check in here one day and read new and hilarious posts about malicious cats, vegan diets, and why Blair deserves some sort of award for putting up with me? Ta Da! We're here for you! 

You may now have new posts delivered directly to your e-mail so there's no more guessing on just when I've gotten around to writing something. Just enter your email address in the box on the right of this blog, which will take you to a page for confirmation. After you confirm that you did indeed intend to subscribe to my blog, you will receive an e-mail message from Feedburner asking if you're sure you REALLY want to do this. (Maybe they've read my posts about cats.) You MUST click on the link provided within. After you do so, you will receive a notice that you are, in fact, going to receive notices every time I publish a new blog entry.

That's all! The posts will arrive on the days I blog sometime between 7 and 9am, EST. If I include an excerpt, never fear: just click on the title of the blog post and you'll be directed to the full piece. And if I get industrious and post two things to my blog in a single day (it could happen, though don't hold your breath,) you'll only receive a single notice. 

That's all. Go subscribe. Pretty please.

Of course if you prefer feed readers and have already subscribed to my blog's RSS feed, maybe you won't want to do this. That might be a little TOO much Dena.

As if...  ;)