Earth Fare Sneezing Massacre

So yesterday afternoon I'm in the high-end, whole foods, granola-lovin' grocery store Earth Fare. It is my desire to one day be able to afford to do all my shopping at Earth Fare instead of buying the occasional Madjool Date or sprouted organic frozen tortillas. But for the moment, I pop in once a week to buy that which is unavailable in more traditional markets. 

I'm roaming the bin aisle in search of nutritional yeast flakes when I feel a sneeze coming on. The aisle is semi-crowded with an Earth Fare worker loading shelves, a family of three at one end, and several single shoppers dipping into nearby bins. 

Wanting to be polite, as I know I'll soon be using my hands to grasp the bin shovels, I turn my face and lower my nose and mouth into my left shoulder/upper arm and give a delicate ah-choo

Only it didn't come out as delicate ah-choo. Instead, it came out more like a ahhh-PLBBBTTH complete with flying saliva and mucus. 

Yeah, just one of those moments you want to treasure forever. And yes, I pretty much high-tailed it straight out of there.