A Happy Ending: Almost Jack Finds His Forever Home

Remember Almost Jack? The starved puppy my friend Dawn found on the side of the road? Almost Jack has been given a second chance at life. Hooray!! Here's Dawn's description of Almost Jack's (now known as Colin Jack) new life:

Almost Jack was adopted by a single mother and her four-year-old daughter who just moved from Greensboro to a place out in the country in Summerfield. The mom has been involved in pulling dogs out of high kill shelters in the past.  Colin will belong to the daughter.  Mom bought the daughter a bunk bed so the little girl can take the top bunk and Colin can have the bottom.  The girl picked a Tinkerbell comforter for him to sleep on, and got him matching collar and lead so he would be color coordinated.  

The mom took in another dog recently that had been pulled and then refused by the rescue group.  I had kept him for a few days while they were moving, and when Roth showed up at her new place he marked several places in her house.  She did not get upset, simply asked me what the best way to curb it was.  I was impressed with that – she understood he was just doing dog things, and that he’d have to be taught.  She called me the next morning and told me that Colin, Roth and her two dogs had all slept in the bed with her and they hadn’t had any trouble at all.  I bet Colin thought that was GREAT!  He’s probably never felt anything that soft before!

Colin’s biggest problem now is that he is going to be REALLY spoiled.  They have invited me to stop by any time and see him.  I told her I really wanted to see what he looked like when he grew up.  She and I have been e-mailing pretty regularly, and looks like we’re going to end up friends, so I should be able to watch him grow up.