Announcing The 2009 Harris Halloween Theme

It's early September so you know what that means... time to start planning for Halloween! We have decided not to be deterred by the ever dwindling flow of trick-or-treaters and continue our tradition of kicking ass with our Halloween decorations. 

In years past we've built elaborate sets for Hogwarts School of Magic, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Great Pumpkin Patch, Frankenstein, and Blair outdid himself with last year's Legend of Sleepy Hollow/Headless Horseman set. (Sorry, no pictures are available. When I moved my blog I lost all the photos.) 

Usually we have an idea of what set we'll be building as early as June, but we hadn't yet come up with anything when we went out to dinner Saturday night. We tossed a few ideas around including doing the River Styx, which I was excited about. I could just picture a kind of barge on rollers that kids would have to climb aboard to be taken to the candy, with us giving them chocolate gold coins to pay the Ferryman. 

Then Blair pointed out that given the preponderance of kids (and their parents) from last year who weren't even familiar with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, how many were going to know about the mythology of Hades and the Gods and have a clue what we were talking about? (For the record, I find this really depressing.)

So we sat and thought and ate Chinese noodles and finally it hit us... MUMMIES! Given our big trip to Egypt earlier this year, it's the perfect fit. 

Blair is  now hard at work contemplating how to build a set for THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY. We're thinking of building a tomb / sarcophagus and filling it with candy. When kids take a handful of candy they activate the Mummy's curse and Blair, dressed as an ancient Mummy, will burst out and scare the crap out of them.

Halloween. Mark your calendars. And stop by and see us. =)