January 1 and Done

The coveted MMJOD (Madmayo January One & Done) trophy. Join us next year and this could be yours!!!Our local running group, the MadMayo Runners, hosted a January 1st One & Done New Year's Day walk/run. We posted fliers around town but weren't sure what to expect. I was floored--and thrilled--to discover 18 people and 4 dogs gathered at the starting line. (I have to say, the dogs seemed a tad more psyched about the run then the people.) A smaller group came back to our home after the mega-event for coffee and snacks. Great way to kick off the year! Visit the MadMayo site for a full recap and photos of the run. 

My 2009 Recap is as follows: 

  • Miles Run = 1242.3
  • Miles Biked = 570.1
  • Yoga classes attended = 90
  • Weight Training Sessions = 66

Pounds lost - probably 0. But memories gained? Priceless...