My First Long Run On A Treadmill

A new personal best: I ran 15 miles yesterday on the treadmill. I've never managed to go over 8 miles before, as extreme boredom usually kicks in around mile 6. But this was the maiden voyage of the new Sole F80 treadmill, which helped, as did the fact that it was 16 degrees--9 degrees with the wind chill factored in--outside and I wanted no part of that madness. (Even though the vast majority of my running friends made it outside for their runs yesterday. I hang out with some hard core people.) 

Blair unwittingly enabled me to meet my goal. Friday night I checked the forecast and decided to stay in and run the next day. "I'm scheduled for 15," I said. "That's over 2 hours on the treadmill. Do you think I can do it?"

"Probably not," said Blair. "I think you'll get bored." 

Thank you. All I need is for someone to tell me I can't do something so I can prove them wrong. I was all over that workout. 

I'm starting week 3 of training for Boston and I'm still not in the groove. I'm not excited about it, not terribly motivated, and just kind of slog my way through the prescribed workouts. My greatest concern is the upcoming Uwharrie 20-mile Mountain run on February 6th. I'm not ready! I've done only a few trail runs and no hill work. I'm pretty sure I can muscle my way through it, but I think it's going to be a l-o-n-g day for me, physically and mentally. And I'm more than a little concerned about how I'm going to be left feeling at the end of it. 

I did find out one of the Blueliners (my Saturday running group) is using the FIRST method to train for Boston, which perked me up. I think what I'm missing is the group dynamic.

On a heartbreaking note, Blair put together my P90X pull-up bar last night, only to discover that the doorframes in our home are 2 inches too deep to accommodate the bar. The only door-frame it fits on is my closet door in the bathroom. Pull-ups are at the core of the P90X program so I need to figure out an alternative option.