Fire Safety Stickers With Your Pets' Faces

If you're anything like me (but let's hope you're all a little more well balanced than that), you breath a sigh of relief every time you pull up to your home and affirm that it has not burned to the ground in your absence. 

Seriously. Ever since we adopted our two cats, I'm paranoid about a fire breaking out. Away from home, I wonder if I unplugged the toaster, left the dryer on, or accidentally dropped the kitchen towel on the stovetop and even though the stove was off when I left, one of the cats could jump up there and knock the front burner to the "on" position, igniting the towel, and POOF! The whole house will go up in flames.

(For the record, I blame my mother for these neurotic tendencies.)

So I was SUPER excited to learn about personalized fire safety stickers for pets. Want to make sure the fire department knows to look for a gray cat named Simon? Or that you have 3 pets total? It's all on the sticker. 

Don't wait. There is a toaster in every home, waiting to do us all in. Order today!