You Know It's Too Cold To Run When...

I'm trotting along on the Greenway this past Saturday, bundled up in running tights, 2 shirts, a jacket, a headband (with ear warmers), and gloves against the 24 degree weather. Around mile 7 or 8, I feel something slapping against the right side of my head with every step. I reach up with a gloved hand and grab what feels like a large twig stuck in my hair. Lovely. Wonder how long I've been running along with that little treat protruding from my skull. You just know all the other runners are laughing at me. 

I tug at it, but the twig refuses to come out. I slip my hand out of my glove in order to get a better grip. I reach up, grab my hair... and realize it's not a twig. Instead, it's a big honkin' wad of ICE.

Yes, that's right - ICE. Like the stuff that comes out of the freezer? It's on my head. In fact, it's all over my head. Running my hand along my hairline at the nape of my neck, it feels like I'm rockin' an icicle-dreadlock look. The rest of my head? Crunchy. Apparently sweat and below freezing temperatures do not mix. 

My new treadmill is being delivered tomorrow. Not a minute too soon, if you ask me. I am officially OVER this outdoor running thing. See you in the spring.