Breaking News: Cats Shun New Self-Help Bestseller

Mimi wonders why the book funds weren't spent buying too-nah?Reports are coming in from around the globe that while humans are more than happy to purchase a copy (or multiple copies - hint, hint) of the newly released, Who Moved My Mouse: A Self-Help Book For Cats Who Don't Need Any Help, cats themselves see nothing to get excited about when it comes to the litter-ary masterpiece.

"I feel the same way about this book as I do about nail trims," says Mimi the cat, currently residing with human Nathan Daughtrey who purchased the book for her. "Stupid and unnecessary." 

Fritz plays it cool. What book? I don't see a book.Mimi's roommate Fritz declined comment, but made his feelings known by pausing to groom his private parts as he sauntered past the book.