Hanging Out With Writers

Spent the weekend in White Plains, New York at the annual Cat Writer's Conference. Laugh if you will (and many do) but this is a serious group of writers. Most have medical knowledge to rival any veterinarian. Many are on the front lines of legal battles to protect animals in their state and across the nation. And many of these wonderful people do more rescue work in a week than I can ever hope to accomplish in a lifetime. I am astounded, and grateful, for the work they do. You just would not believe the horror stories of the animals they rescue. Would. Not. Believe them. 

Aside from being amazed that this group of people not only lets me hang out with them but actually present to them, I love the fact that returning from a writer's conference always gets me jazzed up to do more with my writing.

Aside from Who Moved My Mouse?, I've done no pet writing this year. No columns, no magazine articles, nada. Which got me thinking that I've done very little magazine writing this year, period. A few articles for local and regional publications, but most of my efforts this year went toward my book, a ghostwriting project, and corporate work. Nothing wrong with any of that, but hearing everyone at the conference talk about their articles and pitching editors got me to missing it a bit. I'm going to spend some time coming up with some article ideas that are pet/cat based and dip my toes back in the water. 

I'm open to ideas and suggestions. Any pet related ideas you'd like to see explored?  Send 'em my way!