Starting Tomorrow, I Will Be Perfect (kinda-sorta)

Yeah, I'm in one of those moods. A "life is full of possibilities and if I would just stop watching Scrubs reruns and get out there and participate in it, anything is possible!" mood. 

You know what being inspired does to me - it excites me to write a list. So, starting tomorrow (it's always best to begin a "I will be flawless from here on out campaign" on a Monday) I will: 

  • Make sure I finish my water jug every day
  • Spend at least one hour on creative writing every day 
  • Start the Furman- First Run Less, Run Faster training for the Myrtle Beach Marathon
  • Stop making excuses why it's impossible to do a P90-X workout on the same day I do speed work or a tempo run
  • Spend at least one hour a day on book promotion
  • Clean out my closet in preparation for winter
  • Stop eating out and cook only healthy meals
  • No carbs after 7 pm
  • Clean my desk
  • Reorganize the bathroom shelves
  • Be a better wife, friend, daughter
  • Eliminate procrastination in every area of my life
  • Eliminate world hunger and/or cure cancer

Hey--if I'm going to delude myself, I'm going to delude myself big. 

I give it till noon tomorrow before I crack and it all falls apart.