A Gentleman's Quiz

Hey fellas, here's a little hypothetical quiz for you.

Suppose you and the woman you love are relaxing on the couch near dinner time and this woman (who you love) sighs and says that she doesn't feel like cooking. Now suppose, for the sake of argument, that you are in the mood for Mexican food and therefore suggest that the two of you go out to your favorite local Mexican hotspot. Now suppose that, in response, this woman (who you love) says to you:

"I look too terrible to go anywhere."

What should be your response to this?

A) "What are you talking about? You always look beautiful!"

B) "I think you look fine, but if you'd be more comfortable changing clothes, I'll wait." Or, 

C) "We could ask for a dark booth in the back of the restaurant."

I'll just leave everyone out there to ponder which answer MY fella gave.