Custom Pet Cartoons

Buck Jones & BlazeAll friends with pets beware: I have found my holiday/birthday/anniversary gift for all of you for the next five years. Ready? Here is it.


Buck Jones (seen here with his dog Blaze) is a national cartoonist and, I recently discovered, a friend of a friend. The idea for the custom cartoons is that you send him 1-2 photos of the pet and brief written description about the scene you'd like illustrated. For example, I might send him a photo of my cat Olivia, my husband Blair, and request a true-to-life cartoon scene of Olivia's butt in Blair's face as he's tucked into bed at 4 AM with the caption, "Feed Me." 

Another option is to send a picture of my friend and neighbor Barefoot Josh running with his three dogs. I watch this little circus go by daily and would love to see it captured in full cartoon glory. 

So my tip for the day is to bookmark Buck's site for future use, especially around the holidays. (And no, I am not being paid to endorse this site. Dammit.)  Who needs a manger scene when you could have cartoon cats and dogs in a tree?