Decorating Diaries: Early Results

I hope Blair likes orange...Blair is in Fayetteville, so I came home from today's run and started painting. It's easier to just jump in and start the process versus waiting for him and having the discussions on whether we ought to wait until we have a clear schedule to tackle such a project (Him- yes, Me-no) and if taping is necessary to protect the trim (Him-yes, Me-no) and if the cats should be locked up while we paint (Him-yes, Me-no -- see a trend?).

I've got one coat up on half the hall but so far I'm liking it. It's a little more orange than I expected. Lowe's was WAY off on so many of the sample colors they gave me that I went to Sherwin Williams where they did a color match on the sample and it's dead on. The Lowe's sample I'd brought home had a tad more yellow to it, but not much. I'm still pleased. It looks like a fiesta in the hall. 

Once the hall is painted, it's time to take down the tacky 70's chandeliers and maybe think about getting a rug and some artwork in there. But one thing at a time. Dinner, and then I have another half of a hall to paint. What remains to be painted of the beige hall