Stats from the 2010 Boston Marathon

Outside the Boston Expo in my favorite "No Meat Athlete" t-shirtHello readers! Blair and I are back from Bawh-ston although I'm pretty sure I left my quads there. Can you say "OW" with me?

I'll post a full race report tomorrow but here are a few quick tidbits to tide you over:


  • Chip time of 3:41:47, a new PR (personal record)
  • Overall pace = 8:28/mile
  • 46.8% in field placement (all runners)
  • 30.7% gender placement
  • 42.4% group placement (female runners ages 18-39)


I freaked out at the airport into Boston and at our hotel, which was filled with marathoners. None of these people had an ounce of body fat on them. I'm not exaggerating. One thing I like about runners is the variety. At most any race you'll find heavy-set runners or regular looking folk kicking ass. Everyone surrounding me in Boston was so freaking thin, I really did panic. What am I doing among these people???

After the race, when I PR'd, Blair, joking, said, "See? You kicked those skinny asses." 

"Yes," I replied. "I was able to call on the power of the belly fat reserves and they were not. HA HA! Serves them right!" 


A few key phrases I repeated to myself at various times on the course: 

  • Stay steady. Don't rush. Stay steady. Don't rush.
  • I'm running Boston! I'm running Boston!
  • On the downhills: Light feet, fast turnover. Quick-quick-quick. (Thanks, Barefoot Josh)
  • On the uphills: Head up, eyes down, baby steps. Alternatively, "♪ Just keep swim-ming ♪" from "Finding Nemo"
  • At miles 24-25: Stay steady and you'll PR at Boston. Then you'll never have to run again.

Here's my pace chart for the race:

And finally, here's a link to our local Running Shorts blog with a write-up on my race. And read here about my training partner, Michael. He needed to run a 3:35:59 to re-qualify for Boston and what did he run? A 3:35:59. Way to go with the high drama Michael. Whew!!

More later...