Favorite Online Sites

Earlier this week I sat down at my desk at 7 AM. When I looked up, it was 8:30 and I had yet to do a lick of work. What happened? Out of curiosity, I retraced my steps. Turns out I'd spent the morning checking in on the various blogs I follow. Since I have nothing of great importance to say today (as opposed to Tuesday's fascinating insider look at beans), I thought I'd share my favorite sites with you.

Running Blogs 

  • No-Meat Athlete - This is probably my favorite site. Matt is funny and a dedicated vegetarian runner. The blog is filled with recipes and his sister chimes in each week with "Sweet Tooth Friday." 
  • RunnerDude - This site has gained a national following which makes it all the cooler that I'm friends and running buddies with the guy behind it. Thad may as well have his medical degree for all the knowledge stored in that head of his. Great contests, great connection to a community of runners.
  • Barefoot Josh - Speaking of national followings, friend and neighbor Josh Sutcliffe is quickly becoming recognized as a barefoot running expert. Quirky humor and the occasional story about his pet chicken, Lunch, make this a blog worth reading. 
  • MadMayo Running Club - Our local running group. Who doesn't want to belong to a group that has a jar of angry mayonnaise as its mascot?


  • Melody Watson - Blog of uber creative friend Melody Watson covering a wide range of topics
  • Minding The Miles - Combination blog on running and life. Lisa is a writer and editor with a humorous and sometimes piercing insight on life
  •  Kim's Korner - poetry, meditations, and reminders to peer past the surface of life
  • Melinda Hinson Neely - Melinda and I are virtual friends, having discovered each other's blogs during our training for this year's Boston marathon. Melinda blogs on family, running, and maintaining physical and mental health.
  • Southern Fried Woman - Author and friend Pam Cable captures the life of a southern writer 
  • Bernadette Hearne - My friend Bernie is new to the blogging world but I'm already a fan -- at least on the days when I'm not consumed with envy at her easy writing style
  • Lessons From the Cockpit - Pilot, friend and writer Christopher Laney offers a high flying yet down-to-earth perspective on getting the most out of life. 
  • Marimba Misadventures - Do you know a famous marimba player? I do, and I read his blog.