Running Commentary: Three Run Thursday

And so it begins.

In a little less than an hour, Josh and I will be starting the first of our three runs for the day. We're getting the worst out of the way first. "The Hill" is a nasty 2.8 mile stretch in Mayodan with 7-10% grades that Josh trained on for the Grandfather Mountain marathon and that his wife is using to train for her upcoming half-marathon in Asheville. We'll run it twice. Here's the hill profile (thank you, Iris):

I only got 5 hours sleep last night and my eating was not-so-great yesterday, but I'll probably be tired and off my regular eating patterns on race day, so it's good practice, right? I debated whether to bike yesterday to make sure I was running on tired legs but decided against it. Feeling good about that decision at the moment. More later. 


Josh at start of the "The HIll." Click to enlarge. LEG 1: 5.4 miles, 51 minutes, lots of hills. 

We're back! I feel great. Our goal was a 9 minute pace but as we trudged up the first hill I mentally revised the goal to "anything under 10" and by the end of lap one decided to count finishing the run and not immediately puking as a victory. So... success! Yea!

Josh ran the entire way, even after running this hill on Tuesday and doing intervals yesterday. (He is soooo being assigned the MG-Hard sections of our race.) I ran the first lap but power-walked the second half of all the nasty hills on the way back. Didn't feel great about doing that, but I suspect that will be part of my "strategy" on race day. I used to be a really good hill runner and I'm kind of sad that I seem to have lost some of that. I think I could get it back over time, but the race is in 4 weeks so I'll just do what I'm able. 

Proof that running does not make you prettyWe got lucky in that it started sprinkling the last half of our run and we had cloud cover the entire way. High humidity, but could have been much worse. Plus, we saw a huge flock (?) of wild turkeys. Not a bad way to end a run. 

I'm sipping down a kale smoothie then heading toward the shower. I am soKale Smoothie Recovery Drink drenched/sweaty/stinky that I can't imagine crawling into a van and subjecting other people to being around me. I thought about not showering, to practice for race day, but I don't think I can take it. So, quick shower, 3 hour rest, then back to pick up Josh for a 5-mile run at a local park. Stay tuned.