Newest Obsession: Running Dress

Adventures of Running Mom blogger models her Nuu Muu dressPeople--and women in particular--either love or hate the idea of running in a skirt. There is no middle ground on this prickly issue.

I fall into the "love them" camp. I own several running skorts and have run all but one of my marathons in a them. They're comfortable, non-chafing, and damn cute.  Plus, unlike wearing shorts in 90% humidity, you don't look like you've just wet your pants after finishing a long run. 

Skorts slowly seem to be gaining acceptance in the running community so obviously it's time to introduce something new: the running dress. 

How cute is this dress, I ask you?Check out these dresses from Nuu-Muu. Super cute. The photos are from the Adventures of Running Mom site. This is a real runner (read: not model) in one of the dresses. I love how it can transition from running dress to outfit with the simple addition of some yoga pants. 

My friend Iris sent me this link to her new Bolle running dress. Also adorable. The look is perfect for transitioning from a run to heading into a coffeeshop for a post-run coffee and bagel. Bolle's Running Dress

Still, I'm not sure I have enough moxy to carry off wearing one of these. But I felt the same way the first time I showed up in a skort, and I don't even blink now about pulling those on. So yes, I think a running dress is in my near future, along with some Girl Shortie pants to wear beneath it.