Race Calendar for 2011

Blair asked me what my plans were after Myrtle Beach and I realized I didn't have any. Dena without a plan? What gives? 

I immediately sat down and pulled together a tentative race schedule for 2011. Whether I actually compete in all of these races is irrelevant. What matters is that now there's a list and a plan. Whew! That was a close one. 

Racing Schedule for 2011 

  • 2/19 - Myrtle Beach Marathon
  • 3/19 - Beer Run, 5 miles
  • 4/30 - Owl's Roost Rumble, trail 1/2 marathon
  • 5/14 - PTI Runway 5K (would like to try for a PR here)
  • 6/11 - Mud Run
  • 7/4  - Kernersville 5K
  • 9/4 - VA Beach Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon
  • 9/24 - Salem Lake 30K (must make up for last year's horrendous run)
  • 10/8 - Cannonball Half-Marathon
  • 11/19 - North Carolina Full or Half Marathon 

 The only thing that's missing is a 10K. I've only ever run two 10k's in my life, both in July in full NC heat on a hilly course. I'm desperate to get a good 10K race on the books. My current official 10K pace is the same as my marathon pace, if that tells you anything. 

I'm also not quite ready to commit to the full NC marathon in November. I'm eager to redeem myself from the terrible run I had back on '09, but we'll see how I'm feeling closer to the date. If all goes according to plan and I re-qualify for Boston at Myrtle, there's no need to kill myself with training in November. 

Famous last words.