Smug Marrieds: Spousal Insurance

Blair was going through the mail last night and I noticed him reading some official looking form. 

"What is that?" I asked. 

He grinned and waved the paper in my general direction. "Spousal insurance. Seeing what I need to do to make sure I get tons of money if something happens to you."

"I wish you nothing but the best," I said, returning to my book. 

"Actually," said Blair. "I'd pretty much be coming out way ahead money-wise if you just died. We don't really need the insurance." 

"Dude!" I said. "There are limits to what you're allowed to say to me."

We were both actually laughing pretty hard. "I told you I was sorry for that little shopping spree last week," I said. 

I don't know, you guys tell me. Should I be worried?? ;)