Smug Marrieds: The Revenge of Blair

I was lying in bed yesterday morning as Blair got ready for work.

"Saw your post on the wrinkle creme," said Blair. "Funny stuff."

"I'm not the funny one. You're the funny one," I said. "I just record this stuff."

"I'm thinking I should start a blog of my own," he said. 

"Nooooooo!" I wailed, sitting up in bed. "I'll change. I'll be good. Don't out me. Please. Please." 

Blair grinned. 

"Fine," I said, lying back against the pillows. "Just what is this blog of yours going to be about?"

"I'm thinking of calling it 'Walking Through Landmines,'" said Blair. "Subtitle: "How to survive being married to a woman." 

"Congratulations my friend," I said. "You just made the blog again."

Hang tight, people. This could turn ugly.