Smug Marrieds: Random Post

Cleaning off my desk today, I found I note I'd made to myself this past winter for a blog post. Blair and I are the typical couple in that I'm always cold and he's always hot. We're in a constant battle over the thermostat and when we'd go to bed in the winter, I'd complain about the sheets being freezing cold.

I've always wanted flannel sheets but Blair protests that he'd flat out melt in the bed if we got them. So we go to bed one chilly winter night and I'm kicking the sheets with my legs, trying to generate a warm spot. 

"If you ever die, I'm getting flannel sheets," I said. I turned and smiled at him. "Do you ever think about things like that? Like the small, simple changes you might make if I died?"

A slow grin spread across my husband's face. "Daily." 

Huumph. I think I remember now why I decided not to post this...