Oh, Were There Other People At the Race?

Ahem. Thought I might peek out from behind the wall of self-involvement that is my life and offer a shout-out of congratulations to a few friends who nailed the 5K on Saturday.

Barefoot Josh, after coming off one of the hardest marathons in the country and a half-marathon following that, laid down the law at Saturday's race and ran an 18:56. For those of you who run, you get it. For those who don't, this is in the "Holy Crap Batman!" category of awe. Also some great pictures of the race on his site. 

Iris also set a PR and can no longer claim to be a back-of-the-pack runner. She keeps setting PR's right and left and is getting faster at every race. 

Lots of Blueliners at Saturday's race. I believe Will, Bobby and Michael all set PR's as well. Not sure if my friend Marty set a PR, but he ran a good race. Likewise, my neighbor Royce who is recovering from knee surgery beat his stated goal by 5 minutes. 

And there were several kids out there who killed it. I passed a nine-year-old at the first mile marker and I had to up my tempo to do it. I love their energy!

So apologizes for not offering kudos to all my wonderful running friends in my first post. As always, each and every one of you inspire me in different ways.