ShedMonster: Product Review

I was asked to review the ShedMonster "Professional De-Shedding Tool" for cats and dogs. Other than receiving a free ShedMonster, I'm not being paid, compensated, or held at gunpoint or ransom to write this review. 

First off, the name. ShedMonster. And the little monster graphic. Freaking adorable. I know neither has any bearing on how the product works but saying "ShedMonster" just makes me happy. (Maybe not so the cats, as I've taken to calling them "my little shed monsters.") 

Next, the product. I'm always leery of using any sharp grooming tool on my cats. The potential for it to end badly seems high. However, I ran my fingers all over and around the ShedMonster and never found a way to stick or hurt myself, so I was okay calling the cats over and giving them a good brushing. 

The perfect ShedMonster test subjectMy first few tries, I actually thought the product didn't work. I took it over to my mom's house as her cat, Charmy, is a long-haired beast and I thought we might see better results than on my two short-haired cats. There I discovered that I'd been wielding the ShedMonster incorrectly. I was using long, steady brushes, like I do with my cats favorite combs. Nope. Short, quick strokes where you kind of pull the brush up at the end are what do the trick.

Charmy is not a fan of being brushed, but he sat still for a few minutes which was long enough for me to gather a nice collection of poufy white cat hair.

I'm glad I stuck with it because now that I know how to use the ShedMonster, I think it's a good product. Maybe not necessary for short-haired cats, but a friend to all long-haired cat owners. 

I also like the ergonomics of the brush which has a yellow rubber grip for the user to hold it comfortably while grooming.

So, two paws up for the ShedMonster. Here's a promo video by the company. Happy grooming.