A Sweet Ride

Check out my new (used) car! I survived the car-shopping process to walk away yesterday with a 2008 Infiniti G35. I love it. I drove it home from the dealership yesterday, clutching the steering wheel in a two-fisted death grip while mentally chanting "Don't wreck the new car, don't wreck the new car." 

We gave up the '93 Lexus on a trade-in and for all my complaining, I was sad to see it go. We'd had that car for over 10 years. It felt like we were handing over the family dog to strangers. I wanted to cry, "She likes to be taken out for daily walks and given a little treat before bed." Obviously, I have issues. 

My favorite part of any large-purchase process is watching Blair handle the finance person. Blair is a numbers whiz so not only does he not just accept what's been placed before him, he can do the math in his head and shoot out why what they're presenting is factually incorrect or makes no sense. 

Yesterday, for example, the finance guy at the dealership was whizzing through some numbers on-screen, explaining how the 2015/100,000 mileage extended warranty was such a better deal and only cost $20 more a month in payments. This guy actually used the words "high-faluting," as in, "You know, we've had CEO's and bank presidents in here this week and they all went for the extended warranty and they're some pretty, you know, high-falutin' people."

Blair didn't flinch. Instead he pointed out how the figure on the contract didn't match $20 a month, it was closer to $50 and why was that? You could see the guy squirm as he explained that was with interest tacked on. Blair went line by line through the contract and pointed out other inconsistencies and you could just see the guy shrinking in front of us. 

As we left the room and I turned to Blair and whispered, "That was so sexy." 

Blair will now be driving the Camry. I offered to scrape off the "26.2" and "Blue Ridge Relay 208.8" stickers I have on the back window but he said he doesn't mind leaving them on. "When people ask me if I've run a marathon I'll say no, but my woman has," he said. 

Sexy man, sexy car. Not a bad way to spend the weekend.