The Spaghetti Story

Sometimes I think I missed out on not having kids. Look at all the great blog posts I'm missing! Luckily, I have my sister and her two boys to fill the void. So I have for you today a special treat: THE SPAGHETTI STORY

My sister's youngest, Cole, is 4. My sister was out of the house one night and her husband Grant made a spaghetti dinner for the boys. Cole is a good eater but every now and then he just gets it in his mind that he's not going to eat, and so it was with the spaghetti. Nope, not having it. 

Well, said Grant, everyone who finishes their spaghetti gets a treat and gets to go outside and play. No dice. Cole refused to eat. So Grant and his older son finish their meal and they go outside to play. "You can come outside once you finish your dinner," Grant told Cole.

Well, they're not out there for more than two minutes when WHEEEE! Here comes Cole racing out of the house, grinning and waving his arms. "I finished!" he announced triumphantly. "Where's my treat?"

"You finished the spaghetti?" asked Grant.

Cole nodded. 

"Let's go into the house and see," said Grant.

Boom. Cole's face fell. He had obviously not anticipated this genius move on the part of his dad. Dragging his feet, he followed Grant back into the house. 

Sure enough, there was an empty plate at Cole's spot. Completely empty. Spotless. 

"Cole," said Grant turning to face him. "You won't get in trouble as long as you always tell me the truth. Now, where is the spaghetti?"

Cole hesitated, looked up at his dad and then, very slowly, raised a finger and poked his belly. "In here," he said.

Grant's trying not to smile and to remain stern. "Cole," he repeated. "Where is the spaghetti?"

Lowering his eyes, Cole again poked himself in the belly.

"Last chance," said Grant. "I'm going to look in the trashcan. Before I do, is there anything you want to say to me?"

Cole dragged his eyes up to meet his dad's and nodded. 

"What is it?" asked Grant. 

"I want to say... Daddy, please don't look in the trashcan." 

Grant said he had a terrible time keeping a straight face. Of course, the trashcan was filled with discarded spaghetti. But he set out a new plate for Cole and he ate it all, no questions asked. 

And they all lived happily ever after. THE END.