25 Things I Love About My Husband

I came in today from a 20-mile run and made a beeline for the shower. As always, Blair had a fresh towel waiting for me on the bathroom counter top. He's always doing small things like that to brighten my day. 

What follows is just a short list of the benefits of being married to Blair. To the men reading this blog I say--rise to the challenge. What can you do to show your partner you love her?

To my women readers, I say this: Jealous much?   ;)



25 Things I Love About My Husband

  1. He leaves a fresh towel out for me after a long run
  2. He makes the bed every morning
  3. He wakes me up in the morning so I don't have to deal with the screech and clanging of an alarm clock
  4. He always thanks me for cooking, even when the results are less-than-palatable
  5. He lets me control the volume on the TV
  6. He likes my curly hair
  7. He doesn't complain (much) when I stay up late reading in bed with the light on
  8. I get the majority of the closet space
  9. And the bathroom space
  10. He is the official spider/cricket/bug killer
  11. Except he has such a good heart that he usually carries the bug outside and releases it
  12. He rollers the bed (cat hair central) at night before we turn in
  13. He's always singing
  14. He has a nice voice
  15. He doesn't cringe when I sing even though I do NOT have a nice voice
  16. He gives me his cash because I never seem to remember to go to the bank and get my own
  17. He calls me and the cats "his girls"
  18. He supports me in my writing
  19. He is determined--against all existing evidence--that I will someday love the movie "Conan" as much as he does
  20. After 19 years together, he can still surprise me
  21. He buys a special bag of treats to feed to the neighbor's cat who visits him every morning as he sits out on the back porch with his coffee
  22. The man does a mean housecleaning job
  23. He combs his fingers through my hair when I have trouble falling asleep
  24. He hides chocolate for me around the house
  25. He makes me laugh like no one else

Don't be shy. We want to know. What sort of small, endearing things does your guy/girl do for you?