Smug Marrieds: The Glide Fight

The other day I noticed some scabs around Blair's waist, as if he'd been cut (or scratched by a cat). "What happened?" I asked. 

"It's from running," he said. "Friction with my running shorts." 

"You need some Glide," I said. 

For those non-runners, Glide, or BodyGlide, is an anti-chafing balm. It comes in a deodarant-like tube and you apply it wherever there may be friction with your body and garments. Most people put it under their arms, around their waist, around the jog bra area for women, over the nipples for men (bleeding nipples are no laughing matter), on your feet... I even put it around my wrist so my watch doesn't chafe. It's a standard product, used by the majority of runners. That or vaseline, whatever works. 

So back to Blair. "You need some Glide," I said. 

"Glide is for wimps," he responded.

"Wimps who don't have scabs around their waist," I retorted.

I let the matter drop but this morning when I left for my run, I left my Glide out on the bathroom counter for Blair. I thought MAYBE he'd try it on his run today.

Instead, I came home to find this waiting for me:
















 My response: 


It's a miracle we manage to live on our own and pay our bills like adults.