Smug Marrieds: Walk The Line

Blair and I walked to the library on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the 50's. Blair found a book of short stories and I always stockpile 3-4 books so I have something to chose from, depending on my mood.

As we leave the library, Blair is carrying the books but at some point he needed to find something in his wallet so he handed them to me to carry and I just never gave them back. After a few minutes, he looked over at me, frowning.

"What?" I asked. 

"Something doesn't seem right. Hang on." He took several quick strides so he was walking about three paces ahead of me. Or rather, I was walking three steps behind him. 

"There. That's more like it," he said over his shoulder. "And I'll expect you to get my dinner started when we get home, woman."

I'll say it again. I married a funny, funny guy.