Looking For A Few Good Halloween Ideas

My nephew's revenge for the vegetarian meal I made to counteract all the sugarYikes! The spooky season is upon us and Blair and I have yet to decide what our theme will be this year. We take great pride in being "that house" that always has the cheesy Halloween theme going on. In years past we've done everything from hauling in tons of sand to make a beach for a pirate theme to creating a Frankenstein monster operated by pulleys that sat up when kids approached, scaring them to death. (God, I love this holiday! Only time I can be intentionally mean to kids and no one calls me on it.) Headless horseman. Probably my favorite costume we've ever done.

Given our shared love of the The Walking Dead tv series, I'm leaning toward a zombie theme. But I'm open to suggestion. The only thing we won't do is political (scary as that may be). We like to keep it traditional with monsters and blood, eyeballs and gore. 



Some years we keep it sweet...Dena