Mom Diaries: Memorial Day Bathroom Painting

The "BEFORE" shotAcross the nation today, people will celebrate and honor the fallen and serving members of our military. Some will hold cook outs with family and friends while others slip off to the beach or even enjoy the novelty of a simple hike or walk to reconnect with nature. How, you might ask, will I celebrate this momentous day of recognition?

I'll paint my mom's bathroom. 

Hey--we each do what we can in our own way. Mom has been wanting the room painted for some time--ever since we redid her second bedroom, transforming it from a masculine brown and blue bedroom into what she now calls "The Rose Room." She does her writing and knitting in there and it's her favorite room in the house.The Rose Room

We almost had to twist her arm to pick out the paint color. She kept hemming and hawing, asking if the color was too bright or too this or too that. She kept asking what I thought of it and it took awhile to convince her that (for this one time only) what I thought didn't matter.

"Do you like the color?" I asked. 

Paint by Dena, Bookshelves/Crown Molding by Blair"I love the color," she answered.  

"Then enough said. That's the color we're painting your room." 

We finished painting the Rose Room about a month ago, but Blair just put the shelves up yesterday. He also installed the crown molding. 

While he did that, I tackled the bathroom. It was my first time painting a bathroom and I'll say this - I don't enjoy trying to paint behind a toilet. That aside, I think the room turned out really well. It's a silver-gray-purple color that changes with the light and really pops coming off the almost all white bedroom. The AFTER shot

Since it was a custom color, the paint store wouldn't mix anything less than a gallon of paint and it took only about a forth of that to paint the room so if anyone has need of purple paint--let us know. 

And thanks to all our service men and women, past, present and future.