Why I Never Get Anything Done

I woke up this morning ready to hit the ground running (not actually running, but writing) and then looked at today's schedule:

5:30 am - Go over to Mom's house and water cats and feed plants. No wait, reverse that. It's still early. 

7 am - Leave for Greensboro

8 am - doctor's appointment

10:45 am - chiropractic appointment

12:15 pm - Bodypump

1:45 - pick Mom up from airport and return her to Mayodan and two cats that will be out of their minds happy to see her

2:45 pm - Bank and errands

3:15 pm - Hopefully driving back into Greensboro to pick up Lucy and bring her home. 

As I tell my writing students, there is always time to write in each day, you just have to claim it. I'm dragging my laptop to every locale and will spend the day working in 10 minute splurts in waiting rooms, airport lounges, and cat clinics. 

It sounds like I'm whining, but actually I love it. Happy Monday!