Smug Marrieds: Poltergeist!

Saturday morning. Blair was out on his first ever 18-mile run. (He ended up running 18.6 and did great.) I was inside with a pulled hamstring, cleaning the house and trying not to pout about being unable to run. Side note: In what universe does Blair run 18.6 and I stay inside and clean?!?

Anway, I was in the kitchen when I heard this horrid, huge, rumbling sound. It's a sound I imagine one might hear before the earth opens and swallows them whole. Yes, it was THAT loud. And it went on and on. There were also scraping, crashing, "uh-oh, whatever that is it cannot be good" sounds mixed in. 

Naturally, my first thought was, "That damn cat." Then I wondered what on earth I had stacked so precariously that it could make such a noise when it fell. I went searching for debris and found it in our guest bathroom. A huge, heavy mirror over the far sink had fallen to the floor. What's amazing is how it fell. I've recreated the crime scene in the photo.

This is a narrow bathroom. The mirror appears to have slid off the wall and down the sink, coming to land flat on the floor, mirror side up. I've placed the bath mat in the position the mirror landed. It would be hard to manuever the mirror intentionally into the space the way it landed, yet there it was. Amazingly, it was also unbroken. The only thing on it was some yellow goo in the far left corner, sticky to the touch. There was also some goo on the towel on the counter on the right side of the sink, opposite of where the soap dispenser sits. 

I wish I had taken a picture of how this mirror landed. I can't BELIEVE it didn't break and/or break off the faucet off the sink as it crashed down. 

I did what any good wife would do and left the whole damn mess for Blair to deal with when he finished his run. But really, I also wanted him to see how this thing landed. 

I showed him and he seemed less than impressed. 

"Don't you think that's amazing how it landed?" I pressed. "I bet we have a poltergeist. Look at the goo." 

"Uh-huh," said Blair. "I'm going to Lowe's to get some nails." 

He rehung the mirror and came and found me. "Just so you know," he said, "Your ectoplasm was hand soap. The mirror must have hit the dispenser on the way down." 

"Whatever," I said. "Will you be joining me for the house/spirit cleansing I'll be performing later today?" 

Okay, so maybe it was just an odd fall and not a ghost. But I still say it could have been ectoplasm.

Cheers (and boo!),