Moving Diaries: Recap

We spent time last night in the keeping room off the kitchen.We're here. It took everything but a plague of locuts to get us here, but we're here and we're thrilled!

ONE DAY PRIOR TO MOVING DAY: I call the moving company to confirm arrival time and the woman asks if I'd like to change over from our scheduled 2-day move to one day. 

"That would be great," I say. "We've got about 60% of the house packed up so it should go quickly." 

MOVING DAY, 8 AM: Ten movers show up on my doorstep. As I show them the house I point out the few things that still need packed. "Uh, we didn't bring boxes," said the crew chief. "We were told this was just a load job." 

No boxes? Seriously? Okay, it is what it is and Blair and I can make a few trips and get the rest packed up. I set the guys free in the house and retreat to the kitchen with my laptop to get some work done. 

MOVING DAY, NOON: I sneeze once, twice, three times. Within six minutes the entire right side of my face is swollen, both eyes look like someone has blackened them and my airway is a tight, tiny little hole I'm wheezing in and out of. Massive allergy attack from all the cat hair and dust being stirred up by the move. I down two 24-hour allergy pills, flood my eyes with Visine and call Blair to come home. I can't see or breath and I have to get out of the house. 

I'm typing my blog from our kitchen this morning. MOVING DAY, 2 PM: The allergy pills start to work and as I drive to our new home in GSO, I feel better. Until I walk in and discover the power is off. I call Duke power. "Oh yeah, I see your ticket where you had it switched over. That's weird. It should be on. Well, we'll have it on before 9 p.m. tonight." No amount of wheedling on my part with change that. They can't give me an exact time other then "before 9." 

MOVING DAY, 3 PM: The bright part of the day. The movers are laughing as they arrive and it's because they just moved the people we bought the house from out last week. They are familiar with the rooms and staircases and it makes the unloading go much smoother. 

Everything else is a bit of blur. The movers were gone by 6 p.m. (Delancey Street Movers. Crossed communication aside, they were phenomenal. I'd use them again in a heartbeat.) and Blair drove back to Madison to retrieve the fish and both cats. (Everyone made it back unscathed.) I've been buried in boxes, boxes, boxes for 2 days but guess what? We are unpacked! A few odds and ends and some reorganizing will take place (I've moved the silverware drawer 3 times already) but we are living here and we love it. 

More to follow. Right now I have to go meet my running group. I usually leave the house at 6:45 a.m. to meet them. Today I'm leaving at 7:15. Life is GOOD!