Moving Diaries: The Price Of A New House

Who knew a mortgage was only the beginning? As I work through packing up our current home, I'm keeping a running list of "Things To Buy For Our Move to Barbie's Dream Home." So far I've got:

  • 2 sets shower curtains and 3 sets of bath mats
  • Bookshelves - 5 to 8 of them. Not kidding. We packed 30 boxes today, all of them books from the built-in bookshelves that our current home has and our new home does not. Prompting me to look at Blair about 1 p.m. today and ask, "Where the hell are we going to put all these books?!"
  • Flat screen TV (okay, so we're late adapters)
  • Shoe racks
  • Decorative cotton ball holder 
  • Vanity chair for master bath
  • Patio furniture so as to enjoy and entertain around outdoor hearth
  • Martini shaker (just because)
  • New bedding. (Right now our master bedroom is a bright yellow and we've got yellow and red bedding to match. We're moving into a cool grey room with blue undertones. I'm sensing a clash.)
  • Outdoor pillows for porch swing
  • Paint, paint, and more paint

There are a bunch of "wants" as well - new bedside tables, new couch, larger breakfast table. On the bright side, almost nothing is an emergency. Will I live if my shoes are in a jumble for a month? Yes. Will I be a pleasant person about it? Probably not. 

I like order. I like things put away, everything in its place. And stashing stuff behind doors doesn't count. Towels must be fluffed and stacked to precision. Silverware must line up neatly in the drawer. Medicine cabinets must have clearly divided sections for "cuts and bruises" versus "cold medication" treatments.

The beauty of a move is it's a chance to start anew. There are no bad routines in place. Now is the time to commit to always emptying the lint out of the dryer upon removing the last load - now, before I forget to do it once and the pattern is broken forever! Now is the chance to wipe down the kitchen every single night and make sure it's spotless in the morning -- just like we always said we would! Now is the time to vow to never waste another bland, meaningless night in front of bad TV when we could be opening our minds to art, opera and the allure of fine French wines instead. 

Okay... so we'll be eating bowls of Frosted Flakes in front of an old episode of Scrubs and leaving our bowls in the sink to be dealt with in the morning, probably before the first 48 hours are out.

But it is fun to dream.