Back to Blogging: Spa Days

I've been MIA for awhile, with the new house and job keeping me busy. But in truth, I was having trouble coming back to the blog because I'd been gone for so long. Where to start? How to catch everyone up on all the new changes? 

Then today a moment occurred that was so Dena blog-perfect, I knew I'd found my re-entry. Here goes:

I went to a spa today. The kind with soft lighting, herbal tea and O magazine in the waiting room and everyone speaks in hushed tones. I like this spa, but I don't care for the front desk help. Invariably, it's some 25-year old with shellacked hair dressed in all-black size 2 clothing, wearing plum lipstick and looking Botoxed beyond her years. 

There's never a smile (or maybe the Botox prevents it) and there's an almost simmering hostility that shines through, as if how dare I intrude on her day? 

I want more then anything to look at this girl and say, "Honey, you work the reception desk at the place I come to get my pubic hair waxed. Get over yourself."

Oh yeah... I'm back.