Don't Crossfit Before Flight

I’ve recently recommitted to Crossfit, attending twice a week. Although it’s hard to drag myself away from a soft bed, I’ve found that if I can get up and out the door, I really enjoy the 5:30 a.m. workouts. By 6:30 a.m., the hard working out for the day is done and I can look forward to an evening run. 

The one problem is that most of the Crossfit WOD’s (workout-of-the-day for the uninitiated) leave me feeling more than just a little sore. I find myself wincing at my desk if I do something overly ambitious, like move my mouse or take a sip of coffee.

As I type this blog, I’m sitting in seat 18A on a US Airways flight to Vegas. There is work to be done, magazines to be read, conversations to be had but I can’t focus on any of that. Why?

MY GLUTES ARE KILLING ME. (Again for the uninitiated: “My butt hurts.”)

Monday’s WOD was 400 meters of walking lunges. Full lunge on one leg, stand up straight, lunge with the other leg. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It took me 13 minutes even and I was the fastest female of the day. I didn’t feel the full effect of the workout until I rolled out of bed this morning and—this is important—tried to stand up.

Holy moly! I made it into Crossfit and we all just cracked up as each person from yesterday’s workout lurched through the door, stiff-legged and grabbing their ass.

I got through this morning’s workout but the glutes are still pretty sore. I’m incredible excited that there is no one in the middle seat next to me on the plane, allowing me to do a little more stretching than usual. (Who cares what seat 18C thinks anyway?)

I read something over the weekend that said the best way to acclimate to a time change is to get up early wherever you are and go outside and exercise. To that end, I’m meeting a work friend tomorrow morning for a Vegas run at 6:15 a.m. I’m less worried about the jet lag then I am if my legs and glutes will yet be fully functional.

Stay tuned.