The Life Of The Communications Specialist

I started my job as Communications Specialist for thesalesfactory back in March and, as some of you have pointed out to me in person, haven't written a whole lot about it. 

This is semi-intentional on my part. A lot of the work we do for clients is proprietary and I can't talk about it (or if I did, I wouldn't have to kill you, but I would do something uncomfortable to you like pinch you really, really hard). The other side of the equation is that the work is keeping me busy and I'm kind of pooped when I get home.

But for those who have asked, I thought I'd give a general overview of how I spend my days. In no particular order, here are some projects I've been working on: 

  • Writing sample commercial scripts and taglines for a commercial that will air nationally
  • Writing a video script for a production that will run on a client's website
  • Writing ad copy for a print campaign that runs in Rolling Stone and Bon Apetit magazines
  • Ghostwriting a blog for a child care expert (and all my friends, just keep your comments to yourselves)
  • Attending the commercial shoot for the national commercial
  • Writing website copy, press releases and white papers
  • Editing research surveys
  • Naming products
  • Attending a grub crawl in Charleston that required me to eat delicious Southern fare for 10 hours straight

Of course, it's not all glamour. The better part of my day often sees me inserting comma's in sentences so they read "it's" instead of "its." I don't mind. The work is a good combination of mindless and challenging. And I absolutely adore the people I work with and the work we do. I've been quite fortunate in my career that I've yet to work for a company or person I don't enjoy. 

The hours are longer then the stated 30 hours a week but there are definite trade-offs. Free lunches brought in on Fridays, lots of office socializing and camaraderie and schedule flexibility. Overall, I'm happy I made the leap back into "real" world work. I've retained some freelance work and I've got my writing so I feel happily drowned in the written word. 

And that is a very good thing.