Ditching the Fitbit

It's been a fun ride, but I think it's time I bid adieu to the Fitbit. My fears that it would become yet another control factor in my life never materialized. In fact, the opposite occurred. I pretty much ignored the Fitbit from the beginning. 

I was disappointed from the start that the Fitbit didn't accurately track my miles. If I ran 15, it said I ran 12. And it doesn't track time on the bike or at Crossfit or the gym. I might work out intensely for 2 hours one day but per my Fitbit, I've barely moved all day. So I discounted it from the start. 

I used my Fitbit on the first day of my attempted run across Georgia and that was fun, seeing 60 miles pop up on the screen. (Or 48 miles - again, I had to manually enter in the balance.) But I forgot my charger and the Fitbit died so I removed it for day two and haven't put it back on since. It's freeing. No more little collar around my wrist. 

I'm not knocking the Fitbit. I know for many people it does work as a motivator. A woman I work with is in a daily battle with her husband to log the most steps. I think that's fantastic and exactly what the device was made for. But since I'm not using it as a motivator, I think I'm done with it. Except for sleeping. The Fitbit is hands down the best alarm clock I've ever had. I'll continue with that. 

Meanwhile, it's back to manually logging runs on runningahead.com. I can't wait to start moving again. I'm on day seven with NO (nada, zip, zero) exercise and am losing my freaking mind.